FallFest Night Events

House of Horrors, Haunted Hayride and Walk of Terror

Haunted Farm

Haunted Farm

Special Note:  FallFest NIGHT events will not take place on October 31, Halloween Night.  Day Events will proceed as usual and A. Casola Farms will close at 6:30.

You will begin your haunted adventure at the first of three attractions. The all new House of Horrors is not for the faint of heart, you will journey through the narrow corridors where you will be greeted by some of your worse nightmares.

You have no choice but to face your fears and continue your journey in search of exit, if you are fortunate enough you will make your way to the Forbidden Forest, don’t be fooled you aren’t there yet look out for the creatures of the night. Upon your exit if you dare we welcome you to the rest of our fare.

You’ll be led to the haunted Corn Walk of Terror where you will be tormented by your worst nightmares! Beware: This is not for the faint of heart! Once you make it through (IF you do!), you will encounter a graveyard with the spirits of the dead!

Haunted Corn Maze

Haunted Corn Maze

You will then make your way to the famous Haunted Hay Wagons that will be waiting to take what’s left of your body on a haunted journey deep into the backwoods of New Jersey.

On this ride, you will encounter many lost souls, and if you are lucky, you’ll make it out alive to warn others to beware!!!

See the complete schedule of events calendar.

New Attraction!  Travis County Junkyard

Leather Face is the owner of Travis County Junkyard and he’s on the lookout for any trespassers.  More than a few have disappeared forever after being discovered in the junkyard by this serial killer.  This Dark Yard is not for the faint of heart.  We urge you not to touch anything or you may become part of his collection!

Only $5 with the purchase of Nighttime Combo  (see below)

Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights 7PM – 10PM Starting September 29 until October 29.

A. Casola Farms also has Daytime Events (starts Sept 16th) which include a Corn Maze, Wild West show, face painting, petting zoo and more!

House of Horrors $8.00
Haunted Hayride and Corn Walk of Terror $20.00
Make it a Nighttime Combo! All three attractions for only $25.00!
A Super Combo gets you these three thrills plus Travis County Junkyard for only $30!